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"Remember the days of the original Super Mario Bros.? The era of arcades and the birth of the home console had quite a few gems that were new and different - and took a fair amount of getting used to. Back then, completing games like Mario Bros. or getting the high score on Tetris was paramount to being a gaming overlord. Nowadays, it's all about your achievements, trophies and how many frags you can get in Halo or Modern Warfare - but with the inception of casual games, players have a chance to revisit these old gems under the redefined banner of casual. These are just a few of the games out there that originally premiered as hardcore back in the day.

Tetris (1986)

Tetris originally debuted in the US in 1986 and the puzzler took America by storm. A copy of the game came with every original Nintendo Game Boy sold and while the concept was simple (fit differently sized blocks in a line to score points), the fan reaction was anything but. Tetris itself has sold over 70 million copies and the L-Block piece has been featured on GameFaq's character battles for many different years. While the game will always live on as one of the Game Boy's most successful pieces of software, Tetris lives on both in newer versions for other Nintendo handhelds as well as on many flash game sites online. The game never ends, so the whole point is to get as high a score as possible before ending your session with defeat.

Retro Fun Fact: The blocks in Tetris can be identified by letters I, J, L, O, S, T and Z due to their resemblance to the alphanumeric characters."

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Comment by TomatoKirby on January 14, 2010, 6:37 pm
Casual? People STILL compete over high scores for the old games! (Twin Galaxies, I think, is the main site for high scores on the older games). Tetris is still quite competitive, too.

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