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On Gamasutra, There was a featured post by Taekwan Kim about finding the fun of Tetris in Hack and Slash games.

"It wasn’t until this point that I had begun to utilize my Vanquisher’s Ricochet skill, and the experience of herding mobs to quickly clear out the field with a few well placed Ricochets suddenly resonated with a fleeting notion I had come across before in Dragon Age with the Walking Bomb spell, in Diablo 2 with Lightning Javelin, and in WoW with my Retribution pally. These are all experiences of the same kind as can be found in the game of Tetris.

Tetris is a useful comparison because, due to its abstractness and straightforward simplicity, it is relatively easy to identify and encapsulate what exactly makes the game fun. While Tetris has many experiential components, in the end it’s really all about getting that line piece to obliterate a whole section of blocks. The fun lies in real time risk absorption to set up scenarios that achieve big payoffs. Or, conversely, to achieve an expert rate of clearance in order to preemptively minimize risks.

To be sure, the above generalized summation is so widely applicable that it could feasibly be mapped to any game, so, for the context of hack and slash games, it is important not to lose the mental image of that final piece falling into place that, by eliminating the danger they pose, makes the risks taken with all the other pieces worthwhile. It is an image which absolutely embodies the idea of a singular mechanical device that contains the threat to, the exercise of, and the restoration of player agency within a single interaction."

To read the full blog, click here: Tetris_in_Hack_and_Slash.php
Comment by massi4h on January 2, 2010, 7:29 pm
Yeah but tetris takes actual skill :P

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