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Posted on November 13, 2009, 10:35 pm

Here are some of the latest Tetris stuff to hit the web.

Tetris Gift Boxes:

"Ever wanted to play Tetris in real life in three dimensions? Well now you can. With these Tetris boxes there’s almost no need to put gifts inside them because everybody will just end up playing with the boxes anyway! They’re great if you are giving someone lots of small gifts. They also look fab stacked up as party favors. Imagine how curious everyone will be when these appear under the Christmas tree?"

More info:

Tetris iPod/iPhone Case:

"The Tetris game pouch will fit both iPhone and iPod Touch - This great game dominated many Gameboys in it's hay day! In fact, it probably still does!

Each tetrad is handstitched with a great deal of care and detail!"

More info:

Tetris Cake:

"I am sure people who come up with Tetris goodies are the ones who have obsessively made love to that game and feel a tribute to it is long overdue. While some did their deed in the form of wacky designs and concepts, but foodies nailed it with a Cake. The big Tetris Cake here has neat blocks from the game iced with lively colors and perfection."

More info:

Tetris Quilt:

"The Quiltris is another work of art that speaks volumes about the effect of Tetris on the pan-world gaming audience. As a tribute, it doesn’t get any better than this. Most importantly, it is heartening to see how an enthusiast can go the extra mile to express his/her love for the game. For those of you still wondering how to win the ‘most ardent Tetris fan’ title, we have a piece of advice. Gear up and make haste, for the tortoises aren’t going to win this time!"

More info:

Tetris Messenger Bag:

"Those shapes! They're falling too fast! NOOO!!

This Tetris messenger bag is made to last, and will carry just about everything your shoulders can handle.
Use it as a laptop bag, school bag, diaper bag, grocery bag, younger sibling containment unit, etc.. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination!

The bag has 2 huge pockets. One on the front, and one in the flap, and both are zippered for extra safety! There's also a divider inside for papers, laptops, etc."

More info:

Tetris Earrings:

"Tres Geek Chic! Get three pairs for the price of two! That's right, you get all six earrings! Your ear hooks may be either regular or flat depending on availability.

Hand drawn on Shrinky Dink shrink plastic with Prismacolor pencil crayons and then given a coat of spray sealant.

These earrings are 1.25" (3cm) from the top of the silver plated french hook. The charm itself is a tiny .5" (1.2cm).

Would you like a pair in a different colour? I love custom orders! Just ask!

The last picture is so you can get an idea of the size. Those are my personal pair. I assure you that the earrings in this listing are brand new, never been worn.

Nerdily made by the Dame in her smoke-free, pet friendly studio in Ottawa, Canada."

More info:

Tetris Magnet Set

"This is a set of seven Tetris piece magnets made from perler beads. They are from the Nintendo game Tetris.

Each piece measures approximately 1.5" x 2".

This is a great gift for any Tetris fan!"

More info:

Tetris Soap Set

"This set weighs more than 8 ounces and is scented with "strawberry rhubarb" fragrance oil. Made with high quality vegan glycerin soap base."

More info:

Tetris Canned Art

"TThe work of some of the Tetris crazed architects, patricodacious at the Smith group of architects, this design looks pretty neat and revives fond old memories of hours spent in front of those huge consoles playing Tetris. Its a strange thing that they thought to fuse together two iconic items into a single piece of art."

More info:
Comment by asuna123 on November 15, 2009, 7:11 pm
LOL the earrings are unique =O
Comment by azn_papirus on November 15, 2009, 6:28 pm
WTF i was gonna make a tetris blanky ._.

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